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Employers throughout Georgia are required to maintain safe premises and give their employees the training they need to stay safe at work. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. If you were injured on the job, it is important to understand your options for financial recovery.

Our Loganville personal injury attorneys at The Larrison Law Firm in Loganville, know that life is often difficult after a work accident injury. Our lawyers and staff members have decades of experience handling workers’ compensation matters. We will carefully explain your options and guide you through the process of seeking workers’ compensation.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is provided by an employer after an employee is injured on the job. Workers’ compensation generally covers medical expenses related to the workplace injury along with a portion of the injured employee’s wages. By accepting workers’ compensation, an employee gives up his or her right to file a lawsuit against the employer. Some important facts about workers’ compensation in Georgia are:

  • State law determines your weekly check. We cannot change it.
  • You cannot receive compensation for pain and suffering through a workers’ compensation settlement.
  • Although your health should be a priority after your accident, your employer is not required to allow you to see a doctor within a certain time frame.
  • Employers are required to post the panel of physicians from whom you can seek medical attention somewhere in your workplace. If it is not readily available, it is important to obtain a copy from your employer.

We Will Protect Your Rights

As your law firm, our priorities are to help you understand the processes involved in workers’ compensation matters and to protect your rights. We will help make sure you get the medical attention you need and then help you seek the compensation you deserve whether it is your first time applying or you were denied benefits.

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