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Representing Catastrophic Injury Victims and Families

If you or a loved one has suffered life-changing injuries, we are truly sorry. As you struggle with pain, physical limitations, and mounting medical bills, our law firm can ease the burden and help you with your claim.

You may be the victim of an accident or intentional harm. You may qualify to receive financial compensation. As your law firm, we bring your claim and represent you in the claims process.

Having a Loganville catastrophic injury lawyer can give you the peace of mind to know you’re doing everything possible to get the financial relief you deserve.

We represent those affected by:

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The Larrison Law Firm Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys is a Loganville, Georgia firm dedicated to serving the legal needs of victims and their families. Ways we serve catastrophic injury victims include:

  • Free consultations. Get to know our team and learn about your case with no risk.
  • Consultations are available at home, in the hospital and in our offices. We can meet you wherever it is convenient for you.
  • Investigation of your case and all the possible paths to pursue compensation.
  • Preparation of all legal documents. We file the paperwork to start your case, prepare court motions and draft all legal pleadings.
  • Advice and counsel throughout your case. Reach out to our team whenever you have a question. We always keep you up to date.
  • Attention and detail to your case. Expect us to have the dedication to pursue your case thoroughly. We are committed to giving your catastrophic injury claim the attention it needs to be successful.
  • Complete legal services. Our team takes care of everything necessary for your legal claim. You can rely on us while you are recovering from your injuries.

A catastrophic injury is life changing. Having the financial relief that you need can help you with medical bills, personal care and your emotional well-being.

With us, you have a team providing full-service representation. We know how important your case is to you. It’s that important to us. From the time we meet, we treat you like family.

Advocating for Catastrophic Injury Victims

A catastrophic injury severely affects your overall well being and health. It may take a long time to heal, or you may never fully recover. It may be impossible to work or do the things you used to enjoy.

Here are some broad categories of catastrophic injury:

  • Mobility limiting: A severe injury can limit mobility including paralysis, quadriplegia, paraplegia, spinal cord injuries and damage to nerves that are critical to normal movement.
  • Disfiguring: Broken bones, amputations and scars can be physically disfiguring.
  • Internal: Harm to the internal organs can interfere with body function and life activities.
  • Feeling and senses: Loss of the senses and feeling can prevent the victim from living a normal life.

A victim may be fighting for their life. They may have a lifetime of medical bills, rehabilitation and working towards independence. Getting the financial help that you need can allow you to access this care and know that your future is secure. Having a lawyer on your side gives you a professional to work on your behalf for the compensation that you need and deserve.

How do I get compensation for a catastrophic injury?

To get compensation for a catastrophic injury, you must bring a claim. You must prove that another party is responsible to pay damages because of negligence or otherwise wrongful conduct. With representation from a lawyer and our legal team, we take all the steps on your behalf to claim compensation.

How are catastrophic injury cases different from other injury claims?

Catastrophic injury cases typically involve a high amount of damages. These damages account for the medical bills necessary to treat the victim both immediately and in the future. In addition, the victim should receive fair compensation for their physical injuries and suffering. The time and attention must be given to identifying long-term damages and the full value of compensation that should be a part of the claim.

We are equipped to handle the unique issues that may arise in your case. Let us ensure that your claim is complete, valuing all the types of damages that you may deserve.

Experienced Catastrophic Injury Lawyer in Loganville

Our aim is to represent you with compassion, integrity and skillful experience. Some reasons people choose our firm are:

  • No upfront costs; we can start your case with nothing due
  • You pay nothing unless we win — so don’t worry about paying a legal fee unless you receive compensation
  • State Bar of Georgia membership
  • Founder and leader Brady M. Larrison brings more than a decade of experience to his practice, having handled cases throughout Georgia
  • A law firm dedicated to helping injury victims with the resources, personnel and focus to meet your needs
  • Members of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association
  • Named a best car accident lawyers firm by Expertise.com
  • Brady M. Larrison has been rated a Rising Star by SuperLawyers

We understand the challenging circumstances that victims and families face after a catastrophic injury accident. To protect your future and secure a fair judgment for you, we are committed to working through your case with diligence and determination.

Free Consultations

Regardless of the injuries involved, we investigate and determine what parties may share responsibility. We explore what proof is needed to hold them accountable and claim your compensation.

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Our legal team is ready to take on the challenges of your case. Contact our Loganville catastrophic injury lawyer team to start today. As you focus on your healing, we can take care of your legal claim.

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