Case Results

Case: $500,000

Two cars driving the opposite direction got into a minor fender bender causing one of the cars to veer into our client’s lane hitting her head-on. Our client required a multinight stay in the hospital, neurological care, and multiple surgeries, but eventually made a good recovery. We managed to recover all the insurance limits from both the other vehicles and from our client’s UM coverage.

Case: $300,000

Collision caused significant spinal injuries that ultimately required surgery. Insurance company originally presented a “low ball” offer prompting us to file suit. After filing suit, the other driver’s insurance company tendered its full policy limits.

Case: $100,000

Hit by a drunk driver, and after performing research on the driver, found out he had multiple DUIs. This allowed us to recover the max amount possible from his insurance, $100,000.00, with our client having only $7,000.00 in medical bills.

Case: $860,000

Driving for Lyft when she was hit head-on by a drunk driver in Athens, GA. The defendant driver then attempted to flee the scene. Our client required two surgeries and months out of work.

Case: $380,000

An 18-wheeler ran a red light and slammed into our client’s vehicle. Our client ultimately required back surgery due to the injuries he sustained from this collision.

Case: $205,000

Maxed out the available insurance recovery. Managed to uncover an extra layer of UM Coverage allowing our client to recover an extra $100,000.00. Sustained shoulder injury that required surgery.

Case: $200,000

Low impact collision, but client sustained significant damage to his spine, specifically herniated discs, that required ongoing pain management care.