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Compensation for Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycle accident injuries are often serious. A person is no match for a vehicle. Severe harm can occur even at relatively low speeds.

If you’re hurt in a crash, you need a Loganville bicycle accident lawyer. Our law firm can help you get compensation for your injuries and other damages.

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Do I have a bicycle accident claim?

You may receive compensation if someone else caused the bicycle accident. Violating a traffic law is negligence. Negligence may give you grounds for a bicycle accident claim as well as reckless driving or intentional harm. If you’re not at fault for causing the accident, there is a good chance that you have a claim.

Don’t let the vehicle driver or the insurance company blame you for the accident. Our law firm can investigate and help you understand what legal fault is. We will pursue every possibility for you to receive compensation.

Experienced Legal Representation in Loganville, GA and the Surrounding Areas

We represent bicycle accident victims in Loganville and the nearby areas. We are here to protect you when negligent drivers cause an accident.

Highlights of our experienced legal team are:

  • Handling bicycle accident claims in Loganville and surrounding areas
  • A law firm that has built the team, technology and resources to represent victims well
  • Membership in the State Bar of Georgia and the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association
  • Representing adults and children who are victims of bicycle accidents
  • Respect for the clients we serve and protection of their legal rights
  • Consultations available at our offices, at home, in the hospital or anywhere convenient for you
  • Understanding the importance of communication with our clients, so we communicate in both traditional and modern ways including in-person meetings, phone, email and texts, whatever is best for you
  • Thorough knowledge of the law and legal procedures that are important in bicycle accident claims. We know the legal issues that you must address to make your claim a success

Our legal team will strive to get the maximum amount for your case. A bicycle accident can change your life. You don’t have to suffer without financial compensation. Our law firm wants you to have the payment you deserve. Call 770-626-7895 to see how we can help you.

What to do if you’re in a bike accident?

If you’re in a bike accident, you should:

  • Move to immediate safety, making sure that you are away from traffic
  • Call 911 to summon the police and emergency medical responders
  • Receive medical attention, even if you do not believe your injuries are severe
  • Take photographs if you are able
  • Get names and contact information for all witnesses
  • Contact a lawyer as soon as possible

As soon as The Larrison Law Firm Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys represents you, we build your case. Our team talks to witnesses. We investigate the accident scene, looking at what evidence may still be present and what we can learn about how the crash occurred. Our legal team can get a copy of any law enforcement report and continue to investigate further to build your case.

How is a bicycle accident claim different from a car accident claim?

There are some key ways that a bicycle accident claim is different from a car accident claim. In a bicycle crash, the victim’s injuries are especially likely to be severe. Most crashes are the result of a vehicle driver.

However, in many ways, bicycle accidents are like other types of vehicle crashes. You may claim compensation from the responsible party or their insurance. You may also use your own car insurance to cover damages. There is no minimum fault threshold in Georgia, so you may bring a claim no matter the severity level of your injuries.

You have the right to representation from a Loganville bicycle accident lawyer.

What compensation can I receive for a bicycle accident?

The compensation you can receive for a bicycle accident is both financial and non-economic. You may claim:

  • Emergency medical care including stabilization, surgeries and diagnostic tests
  • Treatment, therapy and follow-up appointments
  • Future medical care
  • Lost income, damage to your career
  • Property damage including damage to your bicycle
  • Compensation for disability and disfigurement including brain trauma, organ damage, limitations in life activities and scars
  • Nursing care, if necessary, the cost of care for family members if the victim used to provide household services
  • Physical pain, emotional suffering, mental health injuries and anguish

Compensation for a bicycle accident is specific to the losses of each victim. You must identify the categories of damages. The more severe the accident, the more you may receive in compensation. However, every bicycle accident victim deserves fair compensation.

Contact us to talk to a lawyer about the specifics of your case and what you may receive.

You may deserve compensation – Get help now!

It isn’t easy being the victim of a bicycle accident. Whether you are a serious or recreational rider, you had every right to expect to be safe on the road.

When you’re in an accident, the insurance company may hope that you give up. The other party may not admit their fault. Don’t let those things discourage you from getting the compensation you deserve.

We are caring, trained professionals, and we treat you like family throughout your case. Your case is so important to you – and it’s that important to us.

Free Consultation – Talk to a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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We can start your case with no cost up front and nothing due unless you win. That’s our commitment to helping bicycle accident victims.

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