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Car Accident Lawyer Serving Loganville, GA and Surrounding Areas

It is never easy being the victim of a car accident. A local car accident lawyer in Loganville can represent you to claim compensation.

At our firm, we represent car accident victims who have been injured or killed. We help people investigate, build their claims and ultimately receive compensation for their damages and suffering.

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Representing Car Accident Victims in Loganville

Getting the compensation that you deserve for a car accident isn’t easy. Having an experienced Loganville, GA car accident lawyer fighting for you can ease the burden of the claims process. Our law firm takes care of all the things that need to be done for you to bring a case.

When you are in a car accident, it can be hard to know what to do. You are suffering from injuries. Bills are piling up. A lawyer can represent you to bring your claim efficiently.

We are proud to represent our friends and neighbors in the Loganville community. We know that you need help after being in a car accident and are here to provide assistance.

Seeking Compensation for Car Accident Injuries

You may think that compensation for a car accident injury is just your medical bills. That’s where most claims start, but it’s just the beginning. You may receive compensation for:

  • Emergency medical bills and ongoing care
  • Future medical care needs including nursing care and therapy
  • Mental health injury and treatment
  • Income replacement if you are unable to work
  • Household services and childcare
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Scars and disfigurement, disability and changes in lifestyle
  • Repairs to your vehicle, other property damage

The compensation you receive should reflect the totality of what has happened. Some of your losses are financial. They can be measured with bills and receipts. Other types of harm can’t be directly measured, like physical and emotional suffering – but it is very real. It should all be a part of your claim for car accident compensation.

Don’t wonder what your car accident claim is worth. Get a personalized case consultation with a Loganville car accident lawyer. Contact us today to ask for your consultation.

Do I have a car accident claim?

You may have a car accident claim if someone else is at fault for causing the accident. It could be a traffic violation, a driving error or more serious misconduct. There may also be underlying causes like a vehicle defect or poor road conditions.

Our lawyers can investigate all opportunities for you to receive compensation based on fault when you are in a car accident.

Types of Claims Our Law Firm Handles

Car accidents happen in a variety of circumstances. Our law firm represents victims – no matter how the accident occurred, we can help you seek justice.

Some of the types of car accident claims our law firm handles are:

  • Single and multiple-vehicle accidents
  • Claims where a person is driving commercially, and an employer is involved
  • Vehicle manufacturing and design defects
  • Drunk driving, driving under the influence and situations where prescription medication may have been involved
  • Shared fault, allegations of fault raised in defense of a claim
  • Children and adult victims
  • Delayed onset of injury, catastrophic and permanent injury claims, soft tissue injuries
  • Cases with multiple victims, including in the same family
  • Uninsured and underinsured claims

There are many challenges that may arise in a car accident claim. We handle cases that are both simple and complex. It is our goal to identify the issues and thoroughly build your case for compensation.

Our goal is to represent your best interests as we work towards compensation for you. Contact us for a personalized consultation about your claim.

What does a car accident lawyer do?

A car accident lawyer works for their client to get car accident compensation.

Our law firm can:

  • Investigate who is at fault and sources of compensation
  • File and negotiate claims with an insurance company
  • Begin a legal claim and draft legal paperwork
  • Value your damages and work to maximize your compensation
  • Respond to defenses and allegations of shared fault
  • Speak on your behalf at court appearances
  • Fight legal issues that may hurt the case
  • Work towards a settlement through negotiation
  • Conduct trial
  • Guide you through decisions in the case like accepting a settlement or going to trial
  • Collect your judgment, handling any post-trial matters

At The Larrison Law Firm Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys, we are a full-service legal team. We know that being a car accident victim is extremely stressful. Our law firm can take care of everything. Throughout the case, we answer your questions and provide updates so that you always know what’s going on.

When to hire a car accident lawyer

After a car accident, tend to your immediate safety. Move to a place where you are out of danger from additional vehicles and other hazards. Make sure everyone injured has medical treatment.

It’s always best to hire a car accident lawyer as soon as you can. There are things that we can do to secure evidence and clarify the issues that may make it easier to pursue the case. Of course, it’s never too late to contact us. We’re ready to start working on your case.

Experienced Professionals. Honest Representation.

Law firm founder Brady M. Larrison started our firm to represent you – our friends and neighbors in Loganville, GA. You are our community. Your case is so important to you – and it’s just as important to us.

Our law firm is structured to help car accident victims in Loganville and the surrounding areas. Here are some reasons people choose to work with us for their car accident claims:

  • Our founding lawyer, Brady M. Larrison, has handled cases in Loganville and throughout the State of Georgia. He has more than 12 years of experience
  • The resources of the firm are built and organized to serve you, including practice resources, technology and personnel
  • Each team member is dedicated to the success of our clients. You will personally know your legal team
  • We communicate in ways that are convenient for you including phone, email, meetings in our office and even text message
  • Explanations and answers to all your questions
  • A customized legal strategy that is unique for you and your needs
  • No fees up front, and no cost for our services unless you receive compensation

We truly care about our clients, and it shows. We invite you to speak with us to learn more.

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