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A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you receive fair compensation for your accident claim. Speak to a Loganville motorcycle accident lawyer at The Larrison Law Firm Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorney by calling 770-626-7895.

Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Victims

We help accident victims receive fair compensation for their injuries and other harm. We represent motorcycle accident victims. If you have been hurt in a crash, we can help you.

Having an experienced Loganville motorcycle accident lawyer means having a professional on your side. Our law firm provides professional representation with honesty and compassion. We know how hard it is to be an accident victim. We want you to receive compensation. Call 770-626-7895 today to talk about your case.

Protecting Your Rights

As a victim, you have important rights. You have the right to:

  • Claim compensation through an insurance policy
  • File a legal claim, if necessary
  • Seek representation from a Loganville motorcycle accident lawyer
  • Claim financial losses like medical bills
  • Receive additional amounts for future medical expenses for long-term injuries
  • Investigate and gain information about your case using legal procedure
  • Have your pain and suffering recognized through fair compensation
  • Negotiate a settlement or try your case in court

Most of the work in getting fair compensation for a motorcycle accident claim starts long before your court date. We diligently investigate who has legal fault and sources of compensation. We understand the law, and we will work to give you every advantage in pursuing your compensation.

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Common Issues in Motorcycle Accident Claims

When an experienced Loganville motorcycle accident lawyer represents you, we identify and pursue legal issues that are important to the case. Common issues in motorcycle accident claims are:

  • Drivers who do not leave sufficient room for motorcyclists
  • Pulling out or turning in front of someone on a motorcycle
  • Disregarding the amount of traffic, including the presence of motorcycles on the road
  • Attempts to obstruct a motorcyclist in traffic
  • Severe injuries including traumatic brain injury and concussion, spinal cord injury and paralysis, injuries to the extremities, scars and disfigurement
  • Road rash from being thrown from the bike
  • Future damages, physical therapy and pain and suffering compensation
  • Cost of repairs to the bike
  • Allegations of shared fault
  • Identifying insurance policies that may pay compensation, and situations where a driver may be uninsured or underinsured
  • Fighting bias against motorcyclists

Many motorcycle accident claims are complex. When you have a lawyer, you have a professional that understands these issues. Our team knows how to keep them from standing in your way. We pursue the entire case and take care of everything.

Do I have a motorcycle accident legal claim?

If someone else is at fault for causing the accident, you may have a motorcycle accident legal claim. To win your case, you must prove:

  • The identity of the party with a duty of care
  • Breach of the duty of care, for example, a traffic violation or negligence
  • An accident occurred because of the negligent conduct
  • Damages including economic losses and pain and suffering

Compensation for a motorcycle accident is based on who caused the accident. Most accidents are not intentional. A crash doesn’t have to be intentional for a victim to claim compensation.

How a Loganville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Our law firm helps you obtain the compensation that you deserve. It is our goal to get results. That means carefully investigating and evaluating your circumstances.

Our law firm investigates legal fault as well as what insurance policies may apply. We assist with all aspects of the case.

When a crash occurs, it can be difficult to understand the legal aspects while you are suffering from your injuries. We are a full-service law firm. As soon as you hire us, you can count on us to take care of everything necessary to receive compensation.

Why people choose our law firm

Loganville is a community of our friends and neighbors. When one of our neighbors needs help, we are there to provide the compassionate representation that you deserve. Law firm founder Brady M. Larrison has more than 12 years of experience in cases throughout Georgia. He’s proud to bring that experience to representing motorcyclists in Loganville.

Some reasons that people have come to rely on us are:

  • Claims handled in Loganville and the surrounding areas
  • A law firm that focuses our resources on helping victims
  • Complete representation in the case from start to finish
  • No fee for a consultation
  • Start your case with no costs up front and no risk. You pay nothing unless you receive compensation
  • A caring legal team that you know by name. Our doors are always open to communicate by phone, email, in-person and even text message
  • Experience in dealing with insurance companies and counseling you in whether to accept a settlement or take the case to trial
  • Knowledge of the economic and non-economic damages that you may claim in a case including future damages as appropriate
  • Membership in the State Bar of Georgia and the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association
  • Honors from Expertise.com as a Best Car Accident Lawyers firm and as a SuperLawyers Rising Star

We understand the special issues that motorcyclists face. We are proud to be the voice and legal advocate for you. Meet our team and see how we can assist you when you are an accident victim.

It’s our goal to achieve results for you. Each case is unique. It is so important to you, and it is equally important to us. We are proud to serve you. By serving you, we help the entire community.

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