a man performing a physical therapy activity

What to Know When Choosing a Doctor for a Work Injury

Getting the care you need is the first step in recovering from a workplace injury. But injured workers aren’t always …

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someone with a cast on their hand writing on a piece of paper

What to Do if Your Employer Doesn’t Have a Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy in Place

Workplace injuries impact employees and the businesses they work for. That’s why there are systems in place to protect both …

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a worker who injured his leg

What Kinds of Workplace Injuries Must be Compensated by Employers?

Getting injured while working can lead to a loss of income, short- or long-term disability, and years of medical treatments …

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an employee fell at work

Why the Location of a Work Injury Matters to Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Workplace injuries can occur in different settings and circumstances. The injuries that workers can sustain lead to loss of income, …

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insurance claim form

Filing Claims and Appealing Denied Benefits

Seeking workers’ compensation is not always a straightforward process. At times, it can be complicated and confusing, and employers are …

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