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If you have been injured in a rollover accident, you may have grounds to pursue compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. The specifics of your personal injury accident will determine your eligibility to recover compensation, but if someone else acted recklessly, you need legal guidance.

If you have recently been hurt in a rollover accident, it’s vital to gather the details about your incident and to report these to an experienced car accident lawyer in Athens immediately. Contact Brady M. Larrison now for an initial consultation about your case.

Tripped vs. Untripped Rollover Accidents

Many rollover accidents are one-vehicle crashes, meaning that there are no additional vehicles or pedestrians involved in the crash. However, the type of rollover accident will determine the severity of the incident and how many people may be affected.

One way to differentiate rollover accidents is by describing them as tripped or untripped accidents.

Tripped rollovers are the most common type of rollover accidents. Tripped rollover accidents happen when a vehicle slides sideways and leaves the road. The tires of that vehicle dig into the shoulder of the road or the car hits a guardrail, and the force of this causes the vehicle to tip over. Tripped rollovers can also happen on any off-road slope that is too steep for the vehicle to remain upright.

Untripped rollovers, however, occur much less frequently, about 5% of the time. These typically happen when a top-heavy vehicle needs to maneuver to avoid a collision, and the severity of these accidents and injuries can increase if the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed. Attempting to swerve out of the way of someone else’s actions could leave you suffering the consequences in a rollover crash.

Given that one-third of rollover accidents involve a fatality, it is critical to get medical attention for anyone at the scene regardless of whether this is a tripped or untripped accident

How Do Rollover Accidents Happen?

Rollover accidents can happen anytime the vehicle center of balance is thrown off due to other circumstances. This can include single-car crashes when a driver loses control of the car or truck and slides down an embankment, hitting a curb when the vehicle hits a standing object like a guardrail, which causes the vehicle to tip over.

Side collisions can happen when someone is struck from the side by another vehicle. Rollovers may also occur from turning too sharply when a vehicle with a high center of gravity turns too quickly at a high speed. When another vehicle strikes you due to negligent behavior such as drinking and driving, driving distracted or driving recklessly, you may have grounds to open a personal injury lawsuit. A car accident lawyer with experience in serious crashes like rollovers can help you file legal action.

Injuries in Rollover Accidents

Injuries from rollover accidents can vary depending on the speed of the vehicles at the time of the accident. When the driver loses control of the vehicle, it can be difficult for them to stop things and minimize the impact of the accident. This means severe injuries may result and that different passengers inside the same vehicle may have a broad scope of injuries running anywhere from mild to severe, or even life-threatening.

Head injuries are some of the most common injuries in vehicle accidents. This is because your head may strike any other item inside the car at extreme force. Neck injuries also occur often in rollover accidents. Slipped discs, herniated discs, nerve damage, and whiplash can all be caused by a rollover crash. Furthermore, some of the most devastating injuries affecting crash victims, including back and spinal cord injuries, may lead to permanent disabilities for a victim.

Other common injuries in rollover accidents include broken bones, fractures, strains, and sprains. It is vital to get medical attention immediately after an accident happens to protect your right to pursue compensation and to confirm that you have the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

How do I determine fault in a rollover crash?

If another vehicle struck you and caused your vehicle to roll over, you need to show that this other driver was responsible for your injuries. A police accident report may prove critical in doing so, especially if the other driver was under the influence of alcohol or breaking a traffic law at the time of the crash.

In other situations, however, you and your attorney may need to work together to showcase evidence illustrating the other driver’s level of negligence. Negligence can occur due to a variety of different factors, such as failure to maintain a lane, failure to yield, hazards in the roadway or other violations of traffic law.

What Damages Can I Get in a Rollover Accident Case?

In a multi-vehicle rollover accident case, or a case in which only your vehicle rolled over, but due to another driver’s actions, you may need damages to help pay for the expenses you’ve incurred due to this accident. Significant injuries are a potential outcome of any critical rollover accident, and you may not be able to live your life or go back to work as you did before this crash.

Recoverable damages in your rollover accident case will help to address many different types of losses, such as pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, reduced earning ability, property damage, and future cost of medical care.

What if My Loved One Was Killed in a Rollover Accident?

In Georgia, family members may be able to participate in a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver who caused the rollover crash and claimed the life of your loved one. This can help to pay for wages previously provided by the deceased, medical care required for the person prior to their death, and funeral and burial costs.

How an Athens Rollover Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Proving liability in a rollover case is not always easy. Engaging a qualified Athens car accident lawyer positions you to help fight for the compensation you need after a rollover. Your lawyer will review the specifics of your case with you, negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company, and prepare your case for trial.

If someone else caused a rollover accident in which you suffered the consequences, let Larrison Law Firm Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys fight for you and your future in a personal injury claim. Contact us to begin.

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