a man performing a physical therapy activity

What to Know When Choosing a Doctor for a Work Injury

Getting the care you need is the first step in recovering from a workplace injury. But injured workers aren’t always …

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a wooden gavel lying on a table

Alternatives to Jury Trials

Loganville and Athens Personal Injury Lawyers Covid-19 has disrupted every aspect of our lives, and the judicial system has been …

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A woman talking to a police officer

The Role of the Police Report in Your Personal Injury Claim

The evidence you present in your personal injury claim is critical to getting the compensation you deserve. But many drivers …

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someone with a cast on their hand writing on a piece of paper

What to Do if Your Employer Doesn’t Have a Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy in Place

Workplace injuries impact employees and the businesses they work for. That’s why there are systems in place to protect both …

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men in a construction site working while wearing orange vests

How Contributory Negligence Can Affect Your Personal Injury Case

Filing a successful personal injury claim results in the compensation you need to recover from your injuries, loss of income, …

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a worker who injured his leg

What Kinds of Workplace Injuries Must be Compensated by Employers?

Getting injured while working can lead to a loss of income, short- or long-term disability, and years of medical treatments …

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an employee fell at work

Why the Location of a Work Injury Matters to Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Workplace injuries can occur in different settings and circumstances. The injuries that workers can sustain lead to loss of income, …

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a roofer working

Loss of Earning Capacity After a Personal Injury

Accidents lead to a wide range of physical injuries, resulting in short- or long-term disabilities that impact all aspects of …

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social security cards and money

Social Security Disability Appeals Process

Helping You Appeal Denied SSD Benefits Learning that your application for Social Security Disability benefits has been denied is extremely …

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insurance claim form

Filing Claims and Appealing Denied Benefits

Seeking workers’ compensation is not always a straightforward process. At times, it can be complicated and confusing, and employers are …

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