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Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere once you leave your home. Practically anything can cause a dangerous condition where you are walking. Regardless of the care that you exercise, there may be nothing that you can do to prevent a fall.

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Examples of Slip and Fall Accidents that Can Lead to Compensation

Here are some of the circumstances that can cause a fall accident:

  • Someone spills liquid in a store aisle, and the store owner does not clean it up in time or place a “wet floor” sign near the spill
  • You trip over loose strings from frayed carpet
  • A business owner does not take steps to dry their floors during a rainstorm when patrons track water inside
  • Local sidewalks are cracked, and the government does not keep them in a reasonably safe condition
  • A construction company leaves debris or equipment in the path where people walk

You Must Prove that the Property Owner Was to Blame for Your Injuries

Slip and falls are anything but minor. Of course, the insurance company will take advantage of misconceptions to both deny your claim and minimize the severity of your injuries. The defendant must pay for your slip and fall accident damages the same as they would for any other type of claim, assuming that you can prove that they were responsible.

The property owner is not always responsible for your losses when you have suffered an injury in a fall. There are some times when accidents truly do happen. In order to be in a position to receive financial compensation, you need to prove that the defendant failed in the basic duties that they owed you when you entered their property with permission or an invitation.

You must prove negligence in order to win your case. Negligence is when a property owner does not act as a reasonable property owner would under the circumstances. A reasonable property owner would not create dangerous conditions, and they would inspect their property periodically to fix them.

How to Prove Liability in a Slip and Fall Case

The scene where you fell is a snapshot of a moment in time. The evidence that could prove legal responsibility for your injuries may not be around for more than a fleeting amount of time.

You may use the following to help prove your claim that the property owner was negligent:

  • Witness testimony from people who saw what happened or what the conditions were like before you fell
  • Surveillance video that captured the conditions or your fall
  • Maintenance records that show when the property owner inspected the property and what they did to fix a dangerous condition
  • Pictures of the scene of the accident
  • An accident report about your fall (however, a police report would not be admissible in court, but the defendant themselves may have been required to write their own report by internal policy)

Obtaining Evidence in a Slip and Fall Case Is Not Always Easy

In a slip and fall case, the evidence is crucial. Otherwise, it may be your word against the defendant’s without any proof to back up your claim.

However, you may face the following challenges in obtaining evidence to prove your case:

  • At the scene of the accident, you are dealing with your own injuries and may not be able to take pictures
  • Witnesses can be difficult to track down after the accident, but you must speak with them when their recollections are fresh.
  • Some of the evidence described above is in the hands of the defendant, who may have the motivation to make it disappear entirely or make it difficult for you to obtain

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Slip and Fall Case

Not only do you need a lawyer to help you gather the evidence that you need, but you also need legal help for other reasons:

  • The insurance company may reflexively deny a slip and fall claim in order to force you to prove it. They could claim that the danger that you faced was open and obvious
  • You could be blamed for your own accident, with the insurance company claiming that you were not careful enough or were careless yourself
  • The insurance company will claim that your accident was “just a minor fall” and dispute the severity of your injury
  • The legal process can be difficult, and you need an experienced lawyer to both counsel you and stand up for your legal rights

Not only do you need a lawyer, but you must contact one right after your accident. It is virtually impossible to prove your case if you begin the legal process months later.

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Slip and Fall Accident Case FAQs

How do I stop the property owner from destroying the evidence that I need?

When you hire an attorney, they will send a letter directing the potential defendant to preserve all evidence in advance of a possible personal injury trial.

How do I get the evidence that is in the defendant’s possession?

If you file a lawsuit, your case will have a discovery process where you can make requests for information.

Will I get hit with a bill if I do not win my case?

A personal injury lawyer is only paid if you win your case. If you do not win, we get nothing.

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