What to Know When Choosing a Doctor for a Work Injury

Getting the care you need is the first step in recovering from a workplace injury. But injured workers aren’t always sure about their options when choosing a doctor to treat their injuries.

They may be instructed to see a doctor chosen by the employer or a workers’ compensation insurance provider. But you do have a say in who you see as long as you understand the guidelines related to workplace injuries.

Consulting with a personal injury lawyer helps you get the care you need from a doctor who is fair and has your best interests at heart.

Why Choose the Right Doctor?

Choosing the best doctor ensures that you fully recover from your injuries, minimize the loss of income, and return to your job as soon as possible.

If you need emergency medical care, you have the right to go to the nearest health care provider as soon as possible. Non-emergency treatments must be provided by a doctor who has been approved by your employer’s workers’ compensation provider.

Georgia employers are legally required to provide a list (panel) of approved doctors that you can use. This gives you the right to choose which doctor you see to treat your injuries.

In order to avoid any issues related to receiving treatment or compensation, you should consult with a personal injury attorney who can help you make sure that you see an approved physician.

There are many factors that may impact your case, and having the right legal resources prevents unwanted or costly mistakes.

Employer Requirements for Providing a Panel of Physicians

There are requirements that employers need to meet when providing a list of doctors for their workers. If a panel of physicians is deemed invalid, then you can select any doctor of your choice.

The panel must contain a minimum of six physicians or associations of physicians. It must include at least one orthopedic doctor, and the panel can only include a maximum of two industrial clinics. The list must also include at least one minority physician.

Employers may take advantage of their ability to choose the physician’s on their panel. In some cases, doctors who are more likely to minimize the extent of your injuries may be preferred by the employer.

Doctors can attribute injuries to pre-existing conditions, reducing the likelihood that you’ll get the treatment and compensation you deserve.

So choosing a doctor who will treat you fairly is the first challenge that many injured workers must overcome. Your personal injury attorney will help you secure the right doctor for your case.

Can Worker’s Compensation and Managed Care Organizations Help?

Workers’ compensation insurance protects employees and employers when workers are injured.

It gives workers the financial resources they need to overcome their injuries and recover any losses.

It protects employers from legal actions that workers might otherwise take if workers’ compensation wasn’t provided.

Employees must be eligible to receive workers’ compensation, and your attorney can help you determine if it’s the best option for your case.

Managed care organizations (MCO) were established to reduce the high cost of health care using incentives for patients and physicians, reviews of medical necessity, management of expensive cases, and other strategies.

But MCOs have been criticized for their inability to provide better results or control the cost of medical care services. Critics have noted their failure in improving the quality of healthcare in the U.S.

Insured workers have many options when it comes to receiving the care they need. But choosing the best option is difficult when you don’t understand the rules related to what doctor you may choose.

A personal injury attorney at Larrison Law Firm has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate this complex process. You can obtain the right care that helps you recover from your injuries and return to the workplace.

The doctor you choose will play a significant role in the outcome of your personal injury claim. Making the right choice provides you with the peace of mind in knowing that you and your family’s well being will be secured for the future. Contact us today!

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