Why the Location of a Work Injury Matters to Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Workplace injuries can occur in different settings and circumstances. The injuries that workers can sustain lead to loss of income, medical expenses, and other damages.

Determining the value of a work injury claim depends on many factors, and the nature of your medical condition and related work limitations plays a role in determining how much compensation you receive.

Working with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney helps you identify the factors related to your injury so that you can present your case and achieve the outcome you deserve.

How Location Increases the Risk of Injury

Not all workplace injuries occur at the location of employment. In many businesses, employees are required to travel to other sites while still operating within the scope of their employment.

The risk of off-site injury is higher in cases that involve exposure to manufacturing equipment and other machinery, toxic materials, lack of safety measures, excessive noise, and third-party negligence.

Employees need to consider these risks and be able to determine liability if they are injured while at a location away from their primary workplace.

Who’s Liable for Off-Site Work Injuries?

In addition to workers’ compensation provided by your employer, you may be able to hold other parties accountable for your injuries.

Taking the location of your work injury into account helps you gather the evidence you need to get the compensation you deserve.

Environments that contain machinery and equipment can lead to serious injuries when those items malfunction. In some cases, manufacturers may be at fault for accidents involving their equipment.

If you can provide evidence that the equipment was defective and a result of manufacturer negligence, you may be able to secure compensation for your injuries and damages.

Scope of Employment

In order to hold an employer or third-party accountable for a work injury that occurred outside the regular workplace, you must demonstrate that you were acting within the scope of employment when the injury occurred.

Employees who are required to work in the homes and businesses of clients need to understand the scope of employment when determining who is at fault for their injuries.

Larrison Law Firm has experienced workers’ compensation attorneys who can help you establish liability depending on the facts related to your accident. The more parties that are involved, the more complex a workers’ compensation claim (and any related third party personal injury claims) can become.

Being able to deal with insurance companies and attorneys is just one of the benefits that your workers’ compensation lawyer will provide. This makes the process easier while increasing the compensation you may receive.

In addition to workers’ compensation, if you also have a third party personal injury claim, you may then be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, punitive damages, and the loss of income and earning capacity your injuries. Knowing your rights and providing the right evidence, and also ensuring that your attorney explores all avenues of recovery, are critical to a successful outcome in your case.

Workplace injuries can occur in many locations. Understanding how to determine liability among the involved parties ensures that you maximize your workers’ compensation benefits, as well as any third party personal injury compensation where additional parties are found liable.

Doing so gives you the financial resources you need to recover from your injuries while protecting your long-term wellbeing. Contact us today!

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