Neck Pain After a Car Accident in Georgia

Many people experience neck discomfort at some point in their life. This common and seemingly minor issue may make it likely to ignore neck pain following a car accident.

However, car accident neck pain could be a sign of more significant problems. Find out what to do for neck pain after a car accident in Athens and how our team at The Larrison Law Firm can help you.

Whiplash and Car Accident Neck Pain

Unfortunately, many people have treated whiplash as a joke or an imaginary ailment, particularly in films or on TV.

However, an injury does not have to be visible (or even physical) to dramatically impact a person’s life.

The term “whiplash” has become the standard way to describe a neck strain or cervical sprain, occurring when a sudden jolt whips your head back and forth.

The momentum of your head can push the neck farther than its normal range of motion. Muscles and tendons may then stretch or even tear. You likely feel stiffness, soreness, or sharp pangs if you experience whiplash.

Car accident neck pain can manifest in other ways too. You might experience any of the following:

  • Random dizziness or persistent headaches
  • Constant tiredness
  • Pain extending into the upper back and shoulders
  • Blurry vision
  • Tinnitus (ringing ears)

These symptoms could have other consequences, like a lack of sleep or a limited range of movement, which could affect work, recreation, and relationships.

Neck discomfort could also be a sign of spine or spinal cord damage. This type of injury can be catastrophic and result in paralysis or another severe disability. Bladder issues, numbness in your limbs, or muscle weakness could all be signs of a spinal cord injury, requiring intensive treatment.

Why Neck Injuries Can Be More Challenging To Prove

Certain medical exams may not show all neck injuries, especially when the damage only occurs in the muscles. This presents a challenge since insurance companies typically look for substantial proof of an injury before authorizing a payout.

Unfortunately, there have been cases where people have faked car accident neck pain to try to obtain a personal injury settlement. As a result, you may face skepticism from others about your claim.

Additionally, car accident injuries can be delayed in their presentation. The rush of adrenaline accompanying such an incident means you may go days or weeks before symptoms fully manifest.

What To Do for Neck Pain Following a Car Accident

If you or a loved one has experienced neck pain following a car accident, take any indications of injury seriously.

You can protect both your health and claim for coverage and determine the full extent of your injuries with swift action.

Visit a doctor

After you’ve reported the accident to the authorities, you should contact a medical professional about your car accident neck pain, no matter how insignificant it seems. Report everything you’re feeling. Our legal professionals at The Larrison Law Firm can advise if you’re unsure where to seek treatment.

Don’t hesitate to have follow-up visits if the pain persists or worsens. Likewise, follow your doctor’s instructions.

This will protect your well-being and strengthen your claim.

Don’t mistakenly believe that letting symptoms worsen will make for a more sympathetic case. Responsible parties are only liable for injuries that result directly from the accident and not for anything a victim may intentionally make worse. Caring for yourself benefits you and your case.

Obtain your medical records

Your doctor will make notes about your visit. Be sure to request copies of all documentation of your car accident neck pain, other diagnoses, and treatments.

At times, getting hospital administration to follow through on requests can take more effort than should be required.

When you work with our team, we will obtain these records for you.

Avoid social media and online posts for a time

Don’t talk online about your accident or your recovery. An insurance company could use seemingly harmless statements about your feelings to minimize your claim. For example, the company could imply that your car accident neck pain is not as bad as portrayed or may try to attribute it to another activity. Restrict your conversations to private digital communications to protect your case.

Consider seeking expert testimony

The other driver’s insurer will usually be responsible for covering your losses. These companies have experience in finding any argument that negates your claim.

Because of the challenges that can come with proving a neck injury, you should consider finding a medical expert who can confirm your symptoms and why they occurred. Our firm can assist you in finding the right individuals.

Hold onto all of your medical bills and related expenses

Keep every medical bill that pertains to your treatment. These could be:

  • Bills from doctor’s visits and copays
  • Prescription medicines
  • Aids or equipment, such as a neck brace
  • Orders for future treatments

If getting treatment brings along travel and transportation costs, save these receipts. If these expenses are a result of your car accident neck pain, you can hold the insurer responsible for those costs as long as you present proof of them.

File an insurance claim

You must usually report the accident to your insurance company within a certain time after the event. However, this is not an official claim or report. You should only alert them about the incident without going into detail. Share where it occurred, the other parties involved, and the other driver’s insurance provider.

You can report the full extent of your losses and what happened with your official claim. A car accident attorney from our team handles this filing and any communication with an insurer when you choose to work with us.

Other Financial Compensation You Can Fight For

Your claim should also address repairing or replacing any damaged property from the accident. This applies to your vehicle and any items you had inside it.

Other forms of compensation you can request include lost wages from work limitations, both present and future. If the car accident neck pain affects your enjoyment of life or results in mental anguish, you can also recover those damages. Discuss these with our team to determine everything the other side may owe you.

Why Neck Injuries Requires Prompt Attention

You don’t have an indefinite amount of time to bring a case for a personal injury. The state of Georgia requires residents to file personal injury cases within two years of the incident.

More importantly, you need substantial evidence to support your claim and ensure you receive the full level of compensation, including any noneconomic damages. Such proof degrades over time, whether that be the memory of witnesses or the quality of physical materials.

Working on your case as soon as possible can increase your odds of a favorable outcome. Remember that an initial consultation with our attorneys is always free, and you only pay for our services if we win your case, so you have nothing to lose by contacting us.

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