What’s the Average Settlement for a Car Accident in Georgia?

Car accidents happen every day, and range in severity from minor fender-benders to fatal crashes. It’s no wonder that it can be difficult to determine the average settlement for a car accident in Georgia.

Brady M. Larrison of Larrison Law Firm Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys can evaluate your case and help you determine what your settlement could be. Here is what you need to know about Georgia car accident settlements.

Is There Such a Thing as an Average Car Accident Settlement?

Car accidents can cause severe economic and non-economic damages. A car accident settlement can help cover some of the expenses associated with those damages.

The average settlement for a car accident in Georgia ranges from $15,000 to $20,000 — but it is important to note that any settlement amount is based on several factors including the type of accident, the extent/severity and permanence of injuries, economic damages, fault, and more.

Can You Calculate What Your Car Accident Settlement is Worth?

When researching how much your Georgia car accident settlement is worth, you will find a variety of free online calculators. However, you should understand that most of these are inaccurate since they can’t take into account the many variables that could impact your case.

Brady M. Larrison can review the facts in your case to help you determine what you can expect your settlement to be. As your car accident lawyer in Loganville, he will work with you to ensure that you get the most compensation for your injuries.

What Factors Influence Car Accident Settlement Amounts?

There are several factors that can influence the amount of a car accident settlement, including:

Extent/Severity of injuries

The primary factor used to determine the amount of a car accident settlement is the extent/severity of your injuries. For example, a spinal injury or traumatic brain injury is likely to result in a larger settlement than a broken ankle or arm that is expected to heal and have minimal long-term impact.

An experienced accident attorney can review your medical records to verify the extent and severity to create a baseline for your claim.


Since every case is different, there is no standard value attached to pain and suffering. The judge and jury will consider the evidence in the case to decide what is fair based on the facts.

There is no cap on the amount that victims can recover for pain and suffering from an accident.

Typically, the multiplier method is used. They will take the dollar amount of your medical bills and multiply it by a number between 1 and 5 based on the extent and severity of the injury.

Permanence of injury

Injuries that may cause long-term disability such as a traumatic brain injury will typically offer a higher settlement than injuries that have a greater likelihood of full recovery.

Economic damages

If accident injuries require extensive medical treatment and/or long-term care, the medical bills will be higher and often, the victim will be unable to return to work. These cases often result in a higher settlement due to the economic impacts.

Credibility/proof of injury

Unfortunately, many injuries such as tissue damage, whiplash, and traumatic brain injury are not visible on imaging such as CT scans and X-rays. Due to this, most insurance companies will imply that the injury may not be as severe as the victim claims. An experienced accident attorney can provide professional medical opinions, improving the chances of reaching a fair settlement.

Insurance Coverage

The amount of insurance available has a significant impact on Georgia car accident settlements.

The state of Georgia requires that drivers have an insurance policy that covers at least $25,000 in damages. In most cases, the amount of your settlement will be limited to the maximum amount of the insurance policy. However, if your damage costs are higher, you can file under UM/UIM on your own policy.


Even if a victim is partially to blame for an accident, they can still be compensated- but the amount will be reduced. The percentage of that reduction will be comparable to the percentage of fault.

What is the average settlement for a rear-end collision?

The average settlement amount for a rear-end collision in Georgia can range in value based on factors like the severity of the damage/injuries, the speed and weight of the vehicle that hit the other car, and more.

What is the average settlement for a fatal car accident in Georgia?

The average settlement for a fatal car accident in Georgia can easily exceed $1 million, based on several factors such as the income-earning capacity of the deceased, medical and/or funeral expenses, pain and suffering, and the type of insurance at play.

How Can an Attorney Help Get More Money From a Settlement?

An experienced accident attorney can help you get more compensation for your accident than you would be able to get yourself. A good attorney understands the tactics that insurance companies use in an attempt to devalue your case.

An attorney will protect your rights by working with a team of professionals including medical experts, accident reconstruction specialists, and life care planners. These professionals will be able to prove that your injuries were the result of the crash and can estimate future medical expenses and lost wages.

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