Filing Claims and Appealing Denied Benefits

Seeking workers’ compensation is not always a straightforward process. At times, it can be complicated and confusing, and employers are not always helpful participants. If you were injured at work, however, you are probably facing growing medical bills and lost wages that pose serious threats to your financial stability. At Larrison Law Firm, we can help you seek the benefits you need.

Our attorneys have more than 20 years of combined experience assisting people in Loganville and the surrounding areas of Georgia with workers’ compensation claims and benefits. No matter where you are in the process, we are ready to be your advocates.

Applying For Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Anyone who is injured on the job and works for an employer that has three or more employees may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Filing a claim for workers’ compensation requires completing a WC-14 form and filing it with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. You must also provide copies of your completed WC-14 form to your employer and your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

Our lawyers are very familiar with the workers’ compensation system in Georgia. We will carefully assess your situation and make sure your WC-14 is accurate and complete.

Appealing A Denied Claim

If your employer denied your compensation claim, we can help you appeal the decision. Although it is possible to represent yourself when appealing a denied claim, the process can be very complex, so having an experienced attorney by your side is often beneficial. As your law firm, we will:

  • Help you request a hearing
  • Represent you through mediation with your employer or its insurance company
  • Show why you should receive benefits in a hearing
  • File an appeal with the Appellate Division of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation if your claim is denied again

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