The Importance of Medical Care in Relation to Your Car Accident Case

Nov 19, 2021 | Auto Accidents

Medical care can be the single most important factor in your bodily injury claim. As discussed in a prior blog post, when assessing your car accident claim, insurance companies analyze three key components, the type of impact that occurred in the collision, the injuries you sustained from that collision, and the medical treatment that you received. Thus, whether the car accident your were involved in was a rear-end collision with little noticeable damage to your vehicle or you were hit head-on by a drunk driver, you should seek medical care as soon as possible.

First and foremost, receiving a medical examination can aid in ensuring your health following a collision. Though many people report feeling fine at the scene of an accident, often times their adrenaline is pumping after a collision which masks the pain. As such, they do not feel like they suffered any injuries and, thus, foregoing medical care. However, as their adrenaline subsides, they start to experience pain often worsening as the hours and days go-by. Never ignore these pains and presume that the pain(s) will pass, but instead, seek the care of a qualified and experienced medical team to assess you. Seeking immediate medical attention could mean the difference between a quick recovery with little to no residual pain or a prolonged recovery with years of on-going pain.

Second, even the most experienced car accident attorneys cannot prove pain and suffering if you do not seek medical attention. Just showing pictures of the collision to illustrate the seriousness of the impact is not enough to prove that you suffered injuries from the collision. You must still receive medical care in order to document your injuries. Most people, and thus potential juror members, follow the age old adage that if you hurt bad enough, then you will seek medical attention. No matter how severe your pain is following an accident, if you fail to seek medical care for your injuries, then the insurance company will believe your pain is not too severe. Therefore, you must seek medical care; do not try to tough it out and treat yourself.

Third, waiting to treat following a collision creates gaps in medical care. Insurance companies use these gaps to exploit the strength of your car accident case in an attempt to devalue it. Again, they utilize the adage that if you were “truly” hurt, then you would have sought medical care immediately. Of course, an experienced car accident attorney can counter these arguments with the insurance company, but nevertheless, no need to provide the insurance company any ammunition against your case. Thus again, the safest approach is to seek medical care as soon as possible and to follow your doctor’s orders to ensure your health and well-being.

Fourth and finally, medical care helps to build your case. Properly documented care along with symptoms, complaints of pain, diagnosis(es), treatments, and diagnostics help to paint a picture to the insurance company and jury, if your case goes that far, of just how much of an impact this collision has caused to your health and well-being. The records will show how the injuries have limited your life and caused you to suffer as a result. The medical care will layout a timeline of your health prior to the collision and your health since the collision. This can assist the insurance company or jury to better assess your pain and suffering as a result of this collision. Consequently, seeking immediate medical care and following through with the medical staff’s recommendations is paramount to the success of your car accident claim against the insurance company.

If you experience any difficulty finding or being able to afford medical care, then reach out to an experienced car accident attorney as soon as possible as they can assist you in coordinating the care you need to make a full and speedy recovery. Not seeking immediate treatment can impact not only your claim recovery but most importantly, your health.

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